Monday, April 26, 2010

Making A Change

After 4 successful months as the Fitness Director, I am taking a step back and continuing my growth as just a personal trainer.

Why would I step down after being on top? Well, money isn't everything to me anymore, but happiness certainly is. While working as a Fitness Director full time, Personal Trainer full time and an Online Personal Trainer part time, I have ran out of hours in a day to maximize my potential and important factors were

Most people would say to just be Fitness Director and looking from the outside in, I would too. But, for those who know me well know that I love helping people reach their goals and experiencing the excitement when a client has totally transformed their lives around through fitness.

Beyond the training, I have a lot on my plate right now and with the hours it takes to be successful at the director position, many important factors in my life are being neglected. I want to help train clients more than I want to manage a staff even though I was making more money.

I will be able to give more attention to my O2 clients, my online clients and my personal endeavors. So, if personal training is something you are interested in, my schedule has just opened up, but there won't be many spots left before too long.

It was funny, I told Brian (my General Manager) that I want to cut back my hours to full time now (lol). Our meeting was filled with much respect to my decision and I could not ask for a better advisor than Brian. He has so much professionalism and the door will still be open down the road if I so choose to move back in to management.

I am looking forward to growing my personal training business and meeting many new faces to help direct towards a better lifestyle. I am certainly blessed to be part of such a wonderful company.

Happy Training,

Adam Freeman
Personal Trainer
O2 Fitness Clubs

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