Friday, January 7, 2011

Please Vote - Best Of Wilmington!!!

Hello Everyone...

Bo Dean here!

PLEASE VOTE TODAY FOR ADAM FREEMAN, BEST PERSONAL TRAINER, FRANCES WELLER, BEST NEWSCASTER, WECT, PINE VALLEY MARKET...etc...(read more below) you don't have to fill in everything(just 25 things for your ballot to count..if you don't know the area..there are some suggetions below)..but please vote! They have given so much and deserve recognition!


Why the suggestions for the heart folks for the best of Wilmington?

Adam Freeman(best personal trainer), who's daughter Kayleigh passed from this world after 10 months of life, gave his services as a trainer for free to help pay it forward to help save more lives to create better heart health, promote awareness about heart disease and give to the community. Just this month he has given that gift to a new client for this year! This amazing gift keeps on giving and is such an amazing blessing!

Frances Weller(best news caster) hosted this year's heart walk event, has dedicated so much of her career to helping so many through her platform with media to health and wellness. She is the best at advocating through the heart association and pink ribbon for a better community and better health and wellness for all of us!

Louise McColl (humanitarian) was this year's chair of the heart walk..but what else has she not done as a community volunteer..fundraiser and advocate for our community. Talk about the best of Wilmington! And the heart of the best to make a case for the #1 killer in our very own community..the biggest issue that we face in our own lives for health and wellness. The group that seeks to help us know more and be more about being healthier and helping others!

Ashley Miller (volunteer) is there anyting this woman does not do and has not done for so many in our community! She is now the liasion for the heart association locallly and still goes to and does everythign you can think of!

Why Pine Valley Market (best gourment market.caterer)? We need to lift up places that advocate and create healthy foods..that is why I love Lovey's as well..Tidal Creek....

My blog (best blog): to talk about paying forward the amazing gift that has come to me so that more will learn from this and follow this amazing I learn..I promise others will too!

how about (best event in 2010) the Gravely Commissioning as the biggest event in the was Amazing!

(best non profit) This is a chance with Encore to recognize those who celebrate the best of Wilmington! Other non-profits:Coastal HorizonsWilmington Health Access for TeensWilmington Interfaith Hospitlaity NetworkCFCC foundationNew Hanover County Health Foundation SO much to celebrate

Best chain restaurant-Carrabas
Best Sandwich-McCallister's
Best Meditteranian-Pita Delite
Best Breakfast-Sweet and Savory
Best Fine Dining-City Club
Best Wait Staff-City Club
Best Atmoshphe-City Club
Best new restaurant-1900
best radio personality-Foz
best morning Show-Fox and Joycelyn
Best dentist-Sandra Miles
Best Fitness Club-02
Best Antique Store-Michael Moore Antiques
Best Real Estate-Intracoastal
Best Pizza-Incredible Pizza
Best Dry Cleaners-Hangers

Here's to a great celebration!

-- L.S. "Bo" Dean Jr.

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