Thursday, March 2, 2000

Adam's Online PT - Fitness Tracker

Fitness Tracker Overview

Track Your Food Intake and Exercise
Access to thousands of foods in the food database.
Track calories burned in activity log.
Set nutritional targets and measure progress against the targets.
In depth nutritional analysis charts
Access Your Customizable Fitness Evaluations
Detailed fitness evaluation reports, customized by your trainer.
Chart progress from one evaluation to the next.
Fitness evaluations that exactly match your fitness evaluation process.
Track Your Progress
Track weight, stress, motivation, energy levels and fitness evaluation results for any date range.
Ability to also create custom tracking for anything you want to track.
Access Comprehensive Journal Tools
Enter weight, stress, motivation, energy for any date.
Create a written journal.
Create an unlimited amount of additional things to track, ie 2 mile run time, waist size and so on.
Access Comprehensive Workout Library
Categorized by body area / muscle groups.
Descriptions, photo's, video and podcasts.
Access To Hundreds Of Health & Fitness Articles
Are you hungry for information?
Your login area provides access to hundreds of fitness articles.
Bookmark articles and receive article bookmarks direct from your trainer.
Create Your Own To-Do-Lists
Create an unlimited number of different to-do-lists.
Can receive To-Do-List items directly from your trainer.
Track Progress Through Photo's
Upload unlimited number of photos tied to a timeline.
Compare any 2 photo's side by side.
Participate In Community Discussion
Creating a community helps keep you accountable.
An easy way to find fitness buddies and ask questions.


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