Wednesday, June 22, 2011

New Direction = Brighter Future

I am beyond ecstatic to announce that I have taken a new direction in life and this new direction begins with Crest Fitness. Thanks to Nick and Wanda Kentrolis, owners of Crest Fitness, who both have made me feel at home and for doing such a great job keeping this hometown facility running strong since the 80's.

I am honored to be a part of such a great team and look forward to the direction we are going. As I stated in my recent post, it takes baby steps to reach your goals. We all have goals and we all strive for a better future. With all my heart and soul, Crest Fitness and those who share a common bond with this hometown gym, I am going to help change lives starting with one member at a time.

If you have ever thought of changing your life through health and wellness, come see us and take that first step to reaching your fitness goals. We promise to make exercise fun and definitely rewarding. There are members from all ages and sizes, so never feel like you aren't welcome. Open the front door and you will receive a gentle welcoming followed by a educational point in the right direction. Click on the link below to learn more about Crest Fitness.

All of us at Crest Fitness look forward to seeing you soon!

Adam Freeman
Nationally Certified Personal Trainer
Crest Fitness

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Easiest Way to Lose Weight!!!

There are 18,000+ diet plans out there. If one of them worked, wouldn't there only be one? Yes, you can say that some work, but some work for certain people and God did not create us all as equals, so what worked for your friend may not work for you.

Here is the most simplistic way to lose weight. Grab a pen and a notebook and write down what you are eating, the total calories for that meal and then add up to total calories for the whole day. After doing this for a week or two, you will educate yourself on what meals have too many calories and which meals don't have enough.

The best way to found out how much you should be eating is to find out what your BMR is. BMR stands for Basal Metabolic Rate. Your BMR is how many calories your body burns on its own in a given day with out exercise. You can figure out your BMR here by clicking this link: BMR Calculator.

Now how do you figure out how much you are to eat? It's simple. Think of the Law of Thermodynamics. If your body burns more than it consumes, you will lose weight. It takes 3500 calories to burn a pound of body fat, so figure out between exercise and diet how many calories you should be consuming and from exercise, how much you should be burning. However, it is not recommended to eat below 1400 calories.

An example is: Joe's BMR is 2000 and Joe likes to eat, so we will allow Joe to eat 2000 calories. But...that means if Joe wants to lose a pound a week, he needs to be burning 500 calories a day through exercise. If Joe wants to speed up the process, he could either burn more than 500 calories in a day or eat a little less each day.

It is that simple! Good luck and....

Happy Training!

Adam Freeman
Fitness Director/Master Trainer - O2 Fitness Clubs

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Baby Steps!

It has been many moons since I have written a post and it is about time to get back on track with my writing.

Just as people take time away from writing or doing the important things in their life, it is the same with fitness. Other things get in the way and the workouts become far and few in between and before long, the workouts stop altogether.

If you start to struggle with getting back on track, think of it this way. I want to make up for lost time and have about fifty posts written for all of you to read all the great stuff I want to share, but it is not going to happen like that. It takes one post (one workout) a day or every other day to make a difference in your life.

Don't try try to do it all at once or you are going to get burnt out. As I stress to all of my clients, it takes baby steps to make progress and to reach your goals. You can reach the top of the staircase without taking one step at a time and if you try to skip a step, you increase the risk of hurting yourself in the process.

So as I plan to write more and more posts to help motivate you or give you the knowledge to make a difference in your life, take one day at a time to exercise or do something that pushes your cardiovascular system. No....running to the fridge does not count as exercise. Ha!

Some ideas would be to go out and walk or do a run/walk. A lot of my clients want to start running since Wilmington is big on running. The best way to start without burning yourself out is to go for a jog and when you get tired, walk! When you feel up to starting jogging again, jog! Don't worry how far you go or how fast your going, just listen to your body. Over time as you rest and recover from the previous run, your body will adapt and before too long, you will be running more than walking and/or just running straight through your session. A session starting off should last no more than 30 minutes. Once you start running through a full 30 minute session, then you can increase your time or your speed.

Just remember....take it one day at a time and have patience. If it took you this many years to get out of shape, it won't nearly take you as long to get back in.

Happy Training!

Adam Freeman

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