Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Cape Fear Heart Walk

Thank you everyone who has already donated money to the American Heart Association for this year's Cape Fear Heart Walk. It is awesome to see so many people come together for a common good. As of this point, we have raised $42,986 and our goal is $150,000.

The event takes place at the UNCW Athletic Fields on October 16th 2010 and you can get all the information you can by clicking here: Cape Fear Heart Walk

You can help us raise money for the Cape Fear Heart Walk by contacting me at I am part of the Wilmington Rotary - Central and I have a total of 25 ($25.00) raffle tickets in order to do my part in helping raise money for a great cause.

Email me quick and THANK YOU TONS!!!

If you missed Louise McColl, Bo Dean, Ashley Miller and myself on ByLine Wilmington, go to my Facebook page where you can watch all 4 Parts or on You Tube.

Click below:

Adam's Facebook

or on YouTube:

ByLine Wilmington PT 1 with Louise McColl

ByLine Wilmington PT 2 with Bo Dean

ByLine Wilmington PT 3 with Adam Freeman & Bo Dean

ByLine Wilmington PT 4 with Ashley Miller & Louise McColl

Great show everyone and thank you all for everything you do.

Happy Training!

Adam Freeman

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