Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Can I Get in Shape???

Something I was talking with one of my clients, Michelle Li, today was that you have to have patience because getting in shape takes a lot less time than it does to get out of shape. You may have not worked out for years and possibly gained 10-20-30 pounds, but the good news is, it will take less than half that time to get in to the shape you want.

Take Bo Dean for example, he was 350 pounds, had high blood pressure and Type II Diabetes when he came to me. It took him 10-20 years to get to that unfortunate stage of his life. We have been working together for a little over a year and now he is at a fitness level he has never been in his entire life. Not to mention, his blood pressure is great and he doesn't take anymore medicine for diabetes because he no longer has it.

Take Parker Stevens for example, he came to me with an injury that caused him to have several surgeries to repair the damage. You would think he would never be the same. Well, I have worked with him to a stage where his knee feels better than it ever has in his life. He has been able to bike a 50 mile race and is able to not only run 5-10k's, but a 1/2 marathon.

These are just a few examples of the many clients who are getting results with me, but the point of the story is that if you feel like you are at a point in your life where there is no turning back or that you will never ever get in the shape you wish you could....YOU ARE WRONG!!!

Depending on what your situation is, it could take 6 months to a year to completely change your life around. Don't hesitate for a second or ever think you are at the point of no return. That is rubbish and I can prove it to you!

If you want to get a taste of what it is like to get on the road to a better you, contact me and I will give you a free fitness consultation. There is no obligation to buy personal training, but it is important to find out where you are with your fitness and where you can go.

Best Wishes and Happy Training!

Adam Freeman
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