Monday, October 17, 2011

Have to Eat Believe It!

If you were following me on Facebook, you saw that I went to a Juice Plus convention this past week. If I am going to suggest any kind of diet or vitamins to my clients, family or friends, I am going to do extensive research to make sure I am 100% comfortable backing up or buying into what it is I am suggesting.

I've been hearing this craze about Juice Plus and at first I thought it was just some other infomercial pushing their not so truthful supplement. But after doing the research and learning more about what this product that is changing the lives of so many people in this world, I was quickly put in my place. I am beyond floored as I originally thought this product was too good to be true, but learned that this is by far the best product available to you, for you and for your family.

With the new food pyramid that recently came out, it states that half of your plate should consist of fruits and vegetables. The daily recommendation of fruits and vegetables is 7-13 servings a day. I know I am not getting nearly that amount each day let alone in a week with my busy schedule.

Most people say, "Make sure you eat your fruits/veggies!!!" But why? I am not sure if you know how much all the nutrients from fruits and veggies help prevent us from our national killers, such as Heart Disease, Stroke and Cancer. I could go in to the scientific detail of it all, but I will spare you the nerd in me. Just google, "Oxidative Stress" if you want to know how easily you could be killing yourself if you aren't getting in the recommended servings. Let's just say that Dr's believe our new generation of children may have a lower life expectancy than our own lives because we are lacking the proper nutrition to help prevent diseases.

So what is Juice Plus? It is the next best thing to eating fruits and vegetables. It is a blend of 17 fruits, vegetables and grains that are juiced, cooked at low temperatures to where the nutrients are then taken out and packed in to a capsule. It's NOT A SUPPLEMENT! If you take a look at the back label, it says Whole Food and it is backed my NSF (National Safety Foundation) to make sure you are getting what it says you are getting. You also have shakes you can make for morning breakfast or pre/post workouts and gummies for your children. By the way, the gummies are so delicious!

When I heard about this, I initially thought it was another way for a company to make money by selling the "next best thing." But you know what? It actually is the next best thing other than eating fruits and vegetables alone. How do I know? Well, because it is not only backed by more than 17 Universities with extensive research, but it has Gold Standard ratings in many Medical Journals that Doctors live and breathe on, such as:
  • The Journal of Nutrition
  • Medicine & Science in Sports & Exercise
  • Journal of American College of Nutrition
  • The Journal of American College of Cardiology
  • Asia Pacific Journal of Clinical Nutrition
  • International Journal of Food Sciences and Nutrition
  • Evidence-Based Complementary & Alternative Medicine
  • Nutrition Research
  • Journal of Human Nutrition and Dietetics
  • Integrative Medicine
  • Current Therapeutic Research
  • Molecular Nutrition & Food Research
  • The British Journal of Nutrition
Click here to see the research that has been done and upcoming studies: Research

Also...check this out - Juice Plus was just featured on "Lifetime Television" and you can watch that video below.

The fear with Juice Plus as I have had with so many other vitamins was, does the body absorb it and once it absorbs it, does it do good things. The answer is yes to both of those questions. The scary thing is, there are no other vitamin out there that is backed by this kind of research and many of you are taking a multivitamin. That goes for saying a lot and you might want to do more research on what you are currently taking.

Like I said before, I am just floored to see how awesome of a product this is and I am not only going to be adding it to my nutritional intake, but I highly suggest you do too! The great news is, it is less than $1.50 to consume way more nutrients from fruits/veggies a day and you can't tell me you are spending that little at the grocery store let alone consuming what your body should be getting.

I honestly feel like it is a moral obligation to share this great news with everyone and I am so blessed to hear a company is out there doing everything they possibly can to help change this world, one person at a time.

So my word of advice, is get on the bus. The Juice Plus Bus! To learn more about Juice Plus or to order some for your family, click here: Juice Plus

Now go live life to the Plus!

Email me if you have any questions...

Adam Freeman

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