Friday, May 14, 2010

Adding Spice to your Workout

Have you ever been just completely bored with your workout? Well, here are five quick tips on how to spice things up and give your workout a little excitement.

1) Change your music on your IPOD. It's crazy how music can completely make or break your workout. You get in a rhythm and your songs become worn out. You know and think exactly the same things during your workout that take your mind off what you should be paying attention to. Change it up so you find a new found intensity that will cause you to put a little extra umph in your session.

2) Intervals. If you are someone who likes to do a set and just rest, why not add an exercise that won't cause the muscles you are resting to fatigue more or even have the ability to limit it's growth and development. For instance, if you are doing an upper body exercise, fill in the rest gaps with some box jumps or burpees which are some of my client's favorites. lol

3) If you do the same routine day in and day out, but you don't know what to do to change the workout backwards. Seriously, if you start with your major muscle groups and descend to your smaller muscle groups, flip it around. It may seem to go against what all the books tell us to do, but if you train your body a harder way than normal, don't you think you will still get results? Of course! Especially if your body is used to doing the same routine day in and day out.

4) Find a workout partner who has similar goals. There is nothing like showing off your abilities to a new friend only to find out you have a good competition on your hand that causes you to push yourself even harder just to prove yourself. If you both encourage each other, you will realize the same workout you used to do is much harder. There is a lot that goes in to a workout, when you change the mental dynamics to the game.

5) Venture out and watch what the trainers are doing with their clients. If you see something interesting, try it. Watch how they are teaching the form though, so you don't end up hurting yourself. There is nothing wrong with ripping off a good idea from a good trainer. Where do you think they got their workouts from?

Hope this helps make a difference in your workouts and you see the results come a little quicker!

Happy Training!

Adam Freeman
Personal Trainer/Online Personal Trainer
O2 Fitness Clubs

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