Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Celebrating Kayleigh - Balloon Release for May 11th

I can't believe we are approaching one year since Kayleigh went to Heaven. Time has flown by so fast as it feels just yesterday when we set off those pink balloons in to the air to remember our sweet little Kayleigh.

Thanks to Bo Dean, he has put together a special evening for me at 6:30pm next Tuesday over at O2 Fitness in Mayfaire. He has gathered many of my clients and friends to celebrate Kayleigh's miraculous journey by letting off pink balloons again with notes attached to touch more people.

We would love for all of those who joined in last year to do the same and send in your photos so I can post them for all to see. I still have tons of photos from last year that I would like to have put into a video montage with some songs. I will probably incorporate both years, so if you want to have your photo in the video, email it to me at: Niecey if your out there and want to help again, I would love your assistance in making this video.

If you live in the Wilmington or surrounding area, please come and join us. The address to O2 Fitness is: 980 Town Centre Drive - Wilmington, NC 28405.

I want to really thank you all for your support and never ending prayers over the past couple years. It has been a blessing to have such a wonderful group of prayer warriors through the ups and downs of this journey. I can't thank you all enough on how much it means to me.

I am forever grateful!

God Bless you all so very much!!!

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