Monday, February 22, 2010

Bo Dean is Gett'n Lean!!!

After one and a half months with Bo, I am beyond excited to see the progress we are making. His conditioning is amazing, his strength is amazing and oh my goodness is he losing some some weight and putting on some muscle!!!

I remember when Bo and I first met, he is was breathing hard when he walked up the steps. I remember he had this scared look on his face, and I am sure it didn't help when he came in during the busiest time of the day. We sat in the office and talked about what his goals were and when I told him "No Problem," his reaction showed clearly that he thought I was crazy. I bet if you ask him again, he'll tell you otherwise.

Here is Bo just over a month ago:

Now, Check this out...

Bo came in to this gym, out of shape, heavily breathing, weighing 330 pounds, with 38.1% of body fat. That is 125.73 pounds of FAT!!!

After only 45 days, Bo Dean is currently walking those steps several times in a workout with ten pound weights in his hands while keeping his heart rate in the perfect spot to burn fat and barely even breathing hard.

Bo Dean has increased his strength by increasing his weight resistance more than double or even triple in ALL of the exercises he's been doing.

Bo Dean currently weighs 303 Pounds. and His Body Fat is 34.1%. That is a total of 27 pounds of FAT LOSS!!!

But check this out...My goal with Bo is not to just lose weight, it is to increase muscle so that when Bo loses all the weight, it won't come back so easily like you may have seen with most of the Biggest Loser contestants after they leave the show. Bo has gained 4.83 pounds of muscle. That has increased his basal metabolic (how many calories his body burns in a day by itself) by 241.50 calories. For most people, that is an extra session of cardio at the gym in a day. Well guess what, Bo gets to tack that on to the cardio session he currently does and burn double the amount of calories in a day.

Here is Bo now(and this actually isn't even a recent photo and you can see the difference)

This is just after a month/half and we have only 83 pounds to go to hit Bo's goal. Just look at the difference in his face! That is incredible to see. Beyond that, Bo has some clothes that he not worn comfortably or jackets he has not been able to button in a long time. That has got to be an amazing feeling!

"Bo, I am so proud of you for working so hard, showing the world that it can be done. You are going to touch so many lives with your story and I just can't wait until the day I can give you a hug and touch my hands together behind your back.

You are an inspiration to me and to everyone following your journey. Keep up the great work and thank you for being such a blessing to me in many ways! I pray your life will continue to serve others because I have never met a person with such a huge heart and no...that is not a fat joke ;)

Thank you for everything Bo and keep up the amazing work!"


If there is someone you know who is battling obesity, please show them Bo's journey and allow them to follow in what could easily be a success story for them if they just put forth a little effort. It is not as hard as you think it is, I promise. If you are in the Wilmington area, come see me for a FREE consultation so I can just point you in the right direction. I care and I want to help you so badly!!!

Best wishes and Happy Training!

Go see Bo Dean's side of the story at:

Adam Freeman
Fitness Director/Personal Trainer


Michelle Jamie said...

Well done Bo!!

I've recently joined a boot camp for the next 2 months. I was also supposed to go for an assessment this morining but I am quiet ill so I have to do it another time. I recently started to understand the relationship between muscle and RMR. I'm very keen to start applying this new knowledge, I just need to get over this illness.

L.S. "Bo" Dean said...

talk about a gift from God, using a man of God to help me! I am so grateful and humbled to be a part of this. Thank you Adam!


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