Sunday, February 28, 2010

Personal Trainer of the Month - Heather Phipps

Congratulations to Heather Phipps, who is the Personal Trainer of the month for O2 Fitness. Heather started her personal training journey with us in January and has done an amazing job for her first month.

Heather has started to help and care for several new clients this month by designing fitness programs to assist them in getting the results they were looking for. Heather has been a member of O2 since the day the facility opened several years back. She has an extensive background in fitness which shows that she practices what she preaches, and proves day in and day out how much she loves helping other people succeed.

Heather is a nationally certified personal trainer with a very promising career ahead of her. She has certainly started her first month of with a bang. If you see Heather around the gym, make sure you let her know you are proud of her accomplishments and wish her continued success.

As a fitness director, I am blessed to have Heather a part of my team because she keeps our faces smiling with her great humor and positive attitude. I am excited to see how far Heather takes her career because she has so much potential to be one of the best trainers in town. Keep up the great work Heather and thank you for being an awesome team player!

Happy Training,

Adam Freeman
Fitness Director/Personal Trainer

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