Monday, October 18, 2010

In the NEWS - WECT Wilmington

For those who are not local, one of the biggest events for the American Heart Association here in Wilmington, NC was this past weekend. It is called the "Heart Walk" and it was a huge success.

When Bo and I first started our journey, it was all brought together by Kristi Tomey and Ashley Miller who both play a huge part in the Heart Walk, chaired successfully by Louise McColl (one of my other clients). They brought Bo to meet with me and all I needed to do was give him a few pointers and train him once a week for free, ONLY if he documented his journey to motivate and inspire others on his blog.

Well, after sitting down with Bo and seeing the project at hand...all 350 pounds of it, I knew there was no way this guy was going to reach his goals on his own. With multiple attempts in the past and always falling back in to bad habits, he needed the professional attention. So, I decided to train him 3 days a week until he reached his goal of 220 pounds and I am pleased to say....well, I will just let you watch.

Check out Bo in this wonderful highlight on WECT Wilmington!

(NEWS Broadcast)

To watch the raw footage of the interviews from WECT

If you would like to follow Bo Dean's blog or go back and read his amazing journey,

For all of those who have lost someone close to you due to heart disease, please know that with baby steps, you can help make a difference in yours or someone else's life by starting an exercise program. If you can't afford a trainer to meet with you face to face, please know that my online personal training program is a phenomenal step in the right direction. Sign up for your FREE 7 Day Trial today to take that first step.

Train Hard!

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