Thursday, September 15, 2011

Fit Camp Week 4

This past weekend was phenomenal as both teams went two rounds through the challenge. They both worked really hard and the energy was through the roof! I am very proud of every single camper.

Warm up - 2 laps and Stretch: Stefanie

Routine: We broke up in to two teams and everyone was set up to a station. We completed 40 seconds of exercise with 20 seconds of rest and rotation to next station. As we made our way through the stations, each member would peddle their hearts out on the upright bike and team 1 ended up with the furthest distance only by a tenth of a mile.

10 Stations

1) Free Squats
2) Push Ups
3) Jumping Jacks
4) Bent Over Rows
5) High Knees
6) Dumbbell Curl & Press
7) Lunges
8) Jump Rope
9) Crunches
10) Upright Bike

Goal Setting: Adam

Write your goals in affirmation form (as if you already achieved your goal) on a note card and put it in your purse or wallet so that every time you go in to your wallet or purse, you are thinking about your goal. Read it before you go to bed and when you wake up in the morning to train your mind to constantly think about your goals. Remember what Coke and Pepsi does to put their product in front of you? Do the same with your goals so you can stay on track to being victorious!

Again, congratulations to everyone for an awesome week and I look forward to this week's Fit Camp! Keep up the hard work and I will see you all soon.

Best wishes,

Adam Freeman

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