Saturday, January 30, 2010


Can you figure out what I was saying in that title? I keep telling my clients that I need to patten that title. If you know what it takes to gain the most of amount of progress out of your workouts without injuring yourself or working all the wrong muscles, you will know that it all starts with your exercise form.

The title is for anyone who exercises and to athletes training for their specific sport, so they can keep a constant reminder of what will get them maximum results.

Anyone: PERFORM your exercise with PERFECT FORM!

Athletes: To be able to PERFORM, you must have PERFECT FORM!

You may hear people grunting in a gym and you look over their way to see what all the noise is about. You have probably asked yourself a million times and you've always wanted to ask a trainer whether or not that guy is even doing it right when they bend all out of shape to get that weight lifted. The reason I know is because that is the most common question amongst members in a gym.

Honestly, 9 times out of 10, no they are not doing it right. If you are focusing on a specific muscle group to exercise, you should not have to incorporate a whole different muscle group to assist in lifting the weight. This will cause people to build all the wrong muscles and if you have seen a person with one bigger shoulder or chest than the other, it is quite the site. It is also sad to say that I see it too often.

Learn the correct form of an exercise by researching or asking a trainer. Don't attempt an exercise if you are not sure how to do it. It is better to ask someone than to ruin your future because you injured yourself and gained all the weight in all the wrong places.

Keep in the back of your mind the title to this blog, but also remember that slow and steady always wins the race. It took many years for you to get out of shape, so find comfort in knowing it won't nearly take as long to get back in to shape (even if you never worked out in your life). I had a guy who never touched a weight in his life, he was struggling in all facets of health, but slow and steady exercising caused him to gain flexibility, strength, endurance and come off all of his medications (Diabetes, Blood Pressure and High Cholesterol). We completed this task in only four short months only training a couple times a week.

Interested in how I did it? Ask me how because I know that I could help you too!

Happy Training,

Adam Freeman
Fitness Director/Personal Trainer

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