Friday, January 22, 2010

WHAT AM I DOING?!?!?!?!?

Are you saying this to yourself now that you purchased a gym membership and you're standing in the middle of the gym amongst the sea of equipment; "Should I be lifting heavy or light weight? How many reps am I supposed to be doing. How fast am I supposed to do them and am I even doing it right? I am afraid a trainer is going to call me out in front of all these people and try to sell me something? What if people are laughing at me? What if people are copying me and now they are doing it wrong? This is stressful! I need to leave! I need to quit! Who cares if I'm fat! I want to eat a cheeseburger anyways! I shouldn't be unhappy! Stress will hurt my exercises anyways! I should go now! I should just give up! I am! I am going to! I am going to.....just.....QUIT!!!"

WOW! Is this you? Maybe it is and maybe it isn't, but there are so many out there that are feeling like this everyday. I heard through the grapevine of a member who said, "I don't want a trainer because I have too much weight to lose first, and plus, I plan on getting a trainer when I plateau." People! What are you doing to yourselves??? I can't believe you let your mind games or your negativity control your body and your happiness. You don't quit your job and you complain about it every day!!! If you don't understand how to fix the toilet, you ask how, you figure it out, or you pay someone to fix it!!!!

Basically you are telling me that you don't mind looking and feeling like dookie, but until the pores of your skin open wide and release that upchuck inducing aroma, that is when you are going to start asking for help or paying someone to fix it? Let me now ask you this? When you are sick, where do you? When the doctor gives you a prescription, where do go? When you take your prescription to the drugstore, how much do you spend? If you have insurance, why do they help? Have you ever asked insurance if they help towards fighting obesity? It is a disease right? They want you to stay healthy and alive so you can stop spending their money and start paying them them more.

On the other hand....maybe your not obese and your insurance won't help you, but what will you do when you aren't in the best shape you can be and your not getting the results you want?Maybe you don't understand what you are doing and your prideful mind definitely won't ask anyone for help. Sadly, a lot of you will quit working out and return to an easier lifestyle of being lazy and eating everything you want. It is unfortunate, but that is how our world works.

Ask! It is your new/old word of the day! Ask questions! Ask for help. Ask yourself why you are really hear and then give your self an Askicking of a workout!! I know there are some of gym's out there that give all the other gyms a bad rep when it comes to personal training. So many times a day, we see an unfamiliar face at O2 who is desperately in need of some help, but the moment we lend a helping hand, they are rude. It is not because they are just mean and enjoy being rude to people. Well...not all of them. But, they are rude because they feel we have a different objective in mind. Here we are just wanting to help make sure our members are happy, getting results and comfortable knowing they can come to us for anything at anytime, but they feel we just want to sell them personal training.

It's true that personal training is our jobs and it's what brings home to the bacon, but so many people categorize personal trainers as salesmen. Are you kidding me? It's funny! If I were to categorize personal trainers as anything, it would between a nurse and a bartender. We are caring individuals looking after your health who you can share everything with.

Have you ever seen the bond with a member and a personal trainer? It is something you can't explain, but the best comparison would be the relationship between a very important person and their bodyguard. Trainers are protectors! Protectors of your life, your future, your health, your ability to live longer for your kids, your sanity, your sex life, your self esteem, your energy, your confidence and most importantly your heart so you can continue loving others for as long as you live.

When I evaluate each member who joins O2 Fitness, my goal is to find out what they have done to get in the shape they currently are and what they will need to do to get in to the shape they want to be. Finding that underlying motivational factor that drove that individual to walk through the front door of our gym is like holding the most precious sparkling diamond in the palm of your hand. By getting to know this, it will allow me to best point this person in the right direction. It is the same as when a doctor evaluates you and gives you a prescription. It is just like the chiropractor who looks under your skin with his finger tips to know just what to adjust. It is like the counselor who can read between the lines to realize what psychological issues may be really bothering you.

We strive on excellence as our trainers are fully educated and nationally certified so that we can help anyone and everyone that asks for it. We may be able to push you in the right direction with your questions, but no matter how much that may help, it will never help as much as if you worked with a trainer on a regular basis. After saying those words, it dawned on me why members think trainers are pushy used car salesmen. It is because they don't know us. They don't see that we just care so much about them that we are just eager to share all of our secrets. Giving you tips is not letting you drive off in a junker, it like giving you a piece of the cure. We want you to succeed, not fail! If caring is a crime, then go ahead and lock me up forever because I am going to keep breaking the rules.

If your trainers are different than what I am preaching, then your at the wrong gym!! You won't find that crap at O2!

Happy Training,

Adam Freeman
Fitness Director/Personal Trainer
O2 Fitness Clubs

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