Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Let the New Years Begin!!!

All I have to say it WOW!

I am seeing new faces! I am seeing motivation! I seeing dedication! I am seeing brand new outfits! I am seeing ALL the cardio equipment moving at once. I am seeing sweaty new outfits! I am feeling the energy in this place! I am seeing lives being changed! I am smelling the fat just burning right off these bodies as we speak! Hmmm, maybe that was a little too much.

It is amazing to see the people in here with goals on their mind and a driven purpose taking place!

Have you ever seen something so amazingly beautiful, but were quickly filled with saddened feelings that remind you that this beauty will soon whither away before your very eyes? Maybe from time to time you look back at an amazing photo of something that made your heart feel so warm, only to tear up because that photo portrayed something or someone who has changed for the worse.

That is how quickly this post has turned from exciting to depressing in a matter of five minutes. I already know this beauty won't last, the equipment won't ALL be moving at once, the smell of burning fat will go away. As sad as it may seem, it is even more sad to see all those motivated people with great intentions fall in to temptation that our crazy world has to deliver.

Whether it is unhealthy food provided for faster service, quick fix videos that promise you unrealistic results, faulty fitness equipment that promises a faster and easier workout, or nutritional products that promises results without doing the actual exercising, it is ALL the same song and dance. What do you think ALL of the fitness ads that are being marketed in this world are for??? Put yourself in their shoes for once. If you wanted to start a business in the health field, what would you have to do to be successful?? The answer may have something to do with you saying, "What can I do to make a lot of money that will help people get results faster than all the other fitness ideas already thought of?"

Here are some things you may need to understand about what you are seeing on television, magazines or any other advertising print that is out there.




Fast Food: Seriously everyone! If you did not realize it when more than half of the population started to be considered, or should I say nationally publicized, for being the most overweight country and there is a fast food chain (including your favorite coffee maker) on every corner raking in tons and tons of money. Your Money!

We are taught to be respectful growing up and to not make fun of overweight people. However, we find it okay to feed our children this crap and risk their lives to be made fun of by their peers. I won't even go in to the sadness of all the lives that are ended because of how others treat them. I am sure you can use your own imagination on that one.

This is not a plead to fight off fast food, but just how fast are you going to regret it when you are victim to the negative effects that all fast food WILL deliver. Just FYI, it is healthier to skip a meal or to wait a little longer before your able to get home to eat than to eat the process, steroid injected food. If you haven't seen the movie, "Super Size Me" then you must!

10, 7 or 6 minute abs!!! Are you kidding me? After seeing the 7 minute abs come out, I knew there was a conspiracy. Whoever says they are better or faster when it comes to getting flat abs is a joke! Do you know the name of the ONLY thing that can control how flat your abs are? I will give you a hint. It is big. It is red. It beats constantly. It supplies blood to your body. It supplies oxygen to your body. When this thing supplies blood and oxygen to your body at a much faster pace, it burns fat off your body.

Wait...did I just say what I think I said? You mean your heart is the only thing in charge of burning fat off my body? You mean burning that same fat off of my stomach will allow others to see a flat stomach??? YES! YES! and YES!

Ask yourself this? When you want to endurance your biceps, don't you want to do a lower weight with a ton of reps until your muscles fatigue? Certainly! How about if you want to increase muscle mass to your biceps? Don't you want to do heavy weights for a very low amount of reps until your muscles fatigue? Right again! So, if your abdominal muscles are just like your biceps, you can endurance and build them up exactly the same way. Hmmm...Then, why does everyone say to do a million sit-ups a day? The answer is simple! ADVERTISING LIES!!!

Supplements: Okay, I will say this. There are a lot of helpful supplements out there that are good for you and highly recommended for you to reach your goals. It is nearly impossible to gain muscles mass with out needing extra protein in your meal plan. There are multi vitamins that pack a wide variety of nutrients to help your body function properly. There are other supplements that do a great job at fulfilling the daily requirements in place of eating some unpleasant tasting foods.

However, when it comes to weight loss, this is where I have to speak my two cents worth! Supplements that speed up your heart rate to help you lose weight is not a very smart idea. Your just as guilty as the smoker who doesn't quit because they will gain weight or the drug addict who indulges in cocaine to drop a few extra pounds. Supplements that speed up your heart rate are so unhealthy for your heart. It causes your endurance to be in really bad shape and you can't take them forever, so when you stop you will just put the weight back on and royally mess up your metabolism.

Just drop the pills, quit being lazy and go workout the right way!

I hope that I opened some of your eyes to something new today. If not, you may want to read it again because you must have misunderstood me.

Wishing you all a Happy New Year and best of luck with your resolutions. I pray this gym will continue to be packed through March.

Happy Training,

Adam Freeman
Fitness Director & Personal Trainer
O2 Fitness Clubs - Wilmington

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