Saturday, September 25, 2010

Adam Freeman's Testimonials

The latest O2 Members who have had great results with Adam Freeman!

Bo Dean - Lost 98 pounds and no longer takes blood pressure, cholesterol or diabetes medication.

Starting Weight - 350 lbs

Now - 252 lbs

“I could not walk up a flight of stairs without completely losing my breath. I literally felt like I had someone standing on my chest almost all the time. I was 350 lbs, a 54 inch waist, and I was eating everything on the go. I was on heart, diabetes and cholesterol medicine and it was spiraling out of control.

My life was running me and I wanted desperately to change and did not know how or where to start. All of the attempts I had were done in extremes and overdoing it. I just did not have the direction and understanding that was needed to get me to a place where I could find health. Through a series of events that have blessed my life in ways that I am more grateful for than you can fully understand, I was introduced to a personal trainer named Adam Freeman.

Adam’s firm but compassionate approach gave me the reassurance and encouragement that I needed to begin a journey to change my life. By starting me out with improving the small muscles in my body, working on stabilizing me and ensuring that I could build towards greater efforts, explaining each step of the way the why and how of what we were doing, Adam has taken me from not being able to walk up a flight of stairs to being able to bike 17 miles, run those stairs with weights, balance on a Bosu ball while doing squats and doing pull-ups and push-ups.

The feeling of accomplishment is extraordinary. But what is even more incredible is the way I feel: ALIVE! I have not felt this good in years. I am awake, driven, breathing and full of life! Adam insisted that I get a dietician and working with a change in eating habits with this extraordinary training has literally created a new me.

I have lost over 98 pounds to date. I am down to a size 41 inch waist and I am off ALL three of my medications for diabetes, high blood pressure and high cholesterol. I cannot say enough about how much Adam’s guidance, professionalism, compassion, encouragement, and shear caring have made a difference in my life. I wince when I call him my trainer because he is much more; he is my friend and my brother and I hope everyone has the chance to work with and know someone that can bring so much goodness into one’s life!”

-L.S. Bo Dean


Jospeh Daughtry - Model/Actor, Gained Muscle and Lost Weight for last minute photo shoots and commercials.

I am an admitted workout fanatic. I love pushing myself and eating healthy in order to get to the next level of fitness. If you're checking out Adam's website you may find yourself in any number of fitness levels. There's probably some of you that were like me in that I have been an athlete since childhood. I've always worked out and have never even given thought to needing a trainer. I knew what I was doing.

Several years ago I began to train for endurance races, mostly distance running. I found myself really getting bored with my workouts and wasting time because my body would get used to the same old routine day in and day out. I hit a tremendous plateau and began to get really frustrated. I asked Adam if he would help me with a plan to get out of the rut I was in. Adam took the time to see what level I was at, what my likes and dislikes were, what I had found to work for me or not. He did a full evaluation and we began to work.

Immediately I was impressed. I actually began to enjoy my workouts again and he took me to a whole other level. He introduced me to exercises that I had never seen before and within weeks I was on track to achieving my goals. I found Adam to be able to push me with the intensity that worked for me. I was quickly able to see that he had an extreme amount of nutritional and physical knowledge and was excited to share his passion for fitness.

He has the necessary drive of a coach and the patience of a saint. No matter what level of fitness you are at, you will achieve your goals by choosing to let Adam lead you there. It's one of the best moves I've ever made in all my efforts to make myself a better athlete.

-Joseph Daughtry


Patrick Pittman - Lost 20lbs and reduced blood pressure/diabetes medication by half in just four months.

"Before joining O2 Fitness, I was overweight and taking multiple medications for high blood pressure, diabetes, and cholesterol. My goal in joining O2 was to lose 10 pounds, reduce my blood pressure medications and to improve the appearance of my body. Having little experience in personal fitness, I was very apprehensive and nervous about joining. Shortly after joining, I took advantage of the free assessment and met Adam Freeman. What impressed me about Adam, the other staff members, and the O2 center members was the nonjudgmental, friendly, and supportive atmosphere of the center.

Now, 4 months later, I am 20 pounds lighter and have reduced not only my blood pressure medication, but my diabetes medications by half. This is mainly due to the environment and facilities of O2 Fitness along with training and assistance from Adam Freeman. The weight loss and reduction in medications along with my improved body appearance has greatly exceeded my expectations. My stomach is flat and my jeans are 4 inches smaller!"

-Patrick Pittman

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Adam Freeman
Master Personal Trainer

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