Wednesday, September 15, 2010

More than an Inspiration!

I woke up early this morning and headed in to the gym. I had JoAnne as my first client and then Bo, but now I have a break for an hour before I train Janet and Ken. I couldn't wait to sit down in front of the computer to post. I had something on my mind that I just wanted to share with everyone.

When I first started this journey with Bo Dean around 8 months ago, I sat across from this very large man who had doubt in his mind that he would ever hit his goals of losing 100 pounds by January 2011. I told him over and over that we would hit that goal and then some, but I didn't really know when or if I could do it in the time frame he wanted. It really depended on his will and drive to motivate himself to not only work his tail off during our sessions, but to follow through with the plan that I have set out for him during the off days when I am not around.

Bo is such an inspiration to all because he works just as hard, if not harder, when I am not there pushing him to push out one extra rep or to go one extra minute. He posts about his journey on his blog (, not to brag about his accomplishments, but to let everyone know that they can do it too. He is such a caring person that he not only busts his butt to be a success story, but he is doing it for you so that you can become a success story too.

I am pleased to say that Bo weighed in the other day and he has lost 94 pounds since our journey first started. His pant size dropped from a 54 to a 40 and he is about to take on his first 5k race. You have to remember when Bo first came to see me, he could barely walk up a flight of stairs here at the gym and was out of breath for at least 5 minutes after taking that trip.

After all the years I have been in and around fitness, I have never seen such a transformation like this that it truly inspires me as a trainer to help as many people as I possibly can and because Bo has documented his whole journey, it allows me to share his story to help motivate others that they can do it too.

Root, Cheer, Scream and Shout for Bo tomorrow night at 6:30 as we start our run and shortly after, we will be crossing that finish line together with smiles on our faces. I am so proud of Bo and the accomplishments he has made and I just hope and pray that you find his story will motivate you just as it has motivated so many others along the way.

Go visit Bo Dean on his blog and see how he does for his first race. You will see great videos like this one where he ran the (2.5 miles) loop.

"Bo, I am so proud of you. You are certainly more than an inspiration. Keep it going and I love you brother!"

Adam Freeman
Master Trainer
O2 Fitness Clubs

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