Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Hurricane Earl Training Program

Hurricane Earl is going to make landfall sometime soon over the next day. Some say it is not going to hit us here in Wilmington, but the storm has barely changed directions through it's whole journey and there is no hint that it will. It reminds me a lot of Hugo's path.

Anyhow, I figured I would prepare you all for the worse, have a little fun and share a great exercise program you can do during Hurricane Earl. It will spice things up and help you get a great workout during the intensity Mother Nature is about to bring.

As the winds start to pick up, make sure you are hydrated and you haven't just filled your belly with an enormous amounts of food. Call this your warm up and prepare for a kick butt workout.

Everyone knows I am a huge fan of squats and there is no better way to prepare for this when Earl breaks the glass window in your living room and you quickly have to get out of the way. Once the glass passes over head and you have dodged the devastation, quickly do some walking lunges out of the way from any other windows in your house.

OH NO!!! The room just caved in...BURPEES...and you have to get over it to get out of the house quickly and move to an area that is more safe. SQUAT JUMP right over it and continue to do this until you are clearly out of the house and able start your interval sprint workout.

As the wind is blistering your face and you can't see. Sprint as fast as you can against the wind until you reach the nearest obstacle that will block the wind and rain, giving you better sight to see where the safest location is locked in. Sprint again and put more effort forth until you feel the burning in your legs like never before...FLYING COWS....SQUAT!!!!! GREAT!!! NOW GO-GO-GO!!!

Okay, your about 50 yards from the next wind blocking obstacle, "SPRINT!!!" Halfway there, you see a tree being ripped to shreds and a branch is coming right for you, all you have to do is focus on your core stability and hold your ground until it gets closer. The tree branch just happens to stop right in front of you. Don't Panic!! Grab the branch with both hands, CURL it with all the strength in your biceps and SHOULDER PRESS that damn thing right over your head. Now Run!!!

You're almost there and all you have to do is make it 25 more yards. Oh CRAP!!! A power line just fell, leaving you an obstacle course right in front of you. The LADDER DRILL comes quite handy at this point, so pick up your feet and don't touch the crackling wire! Ins and Outs & Back and Forths! GREAT!!!

Now you're at the bottom step of your destination and all you have to do is STAIRS!!! GO-GO-GO!!!

Way to go! You did it!!! Your Hurricane Earl workout is complete.

But wait! The doors locked...Crap!

Train Hard,

Adam Freeman
Master Trainer
O2 Fitness Clubs

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