Monday, November 14, 2011

Baseball - Championship Game

Three outs and the championship was ours. We were up 5-3 in the bottom of the ninth. I could smell victory and my heart was jumping out of my chest. Three outs and that ring would be on my finger. Three outs and I could finally say I won a National Championship Tournament.

Unfortunately the other team had more luck on their side and scored two runs to tie up the game and in the bottom of the tenth, we lost the game by a wild throw at the plate by the pitcher.

It hurts so bad to be so close, but I will hold my head up high because our team did a fantastic job and there is always next year.

Thanks for all the thoughts and prayers as we played our hearts out. I am proud of every single ball player out there and I congratulate the other team for playing one heck of a game.

Till next year in sunny Florida,

Adam Freeman

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