Saturday, November 12, 2011

Baseball - Day 3

Today was an important day for baseball as we needed to win this game to stay in the running and make it to the playoffs. We were playing at the NY Met's training facility and we had great luck on our side because this is my brother's favorite professional baseball club.

Well, we did what we came to do. We played Venezuela, a team that was tough and showing everyone they were the team to beat. I just have to say that we played solid today, everyone's bats were working an our pitching was strong. We waxed their tails 15-0 and found our place in the playoffs.

The playoffs are made up of four teams and is a single elimination tournament. We play tomorrow and WHEN we win, we play Monday for the championships at one in the pro stadiums. It's gonna be a nail-biter, but I'm not worried how my nails will look when I'm wearing that nice shiny championship ring! So send great wishes and let's go kick some butt!

Go get em NC!!!!

Adam Freeman

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