Thursday, December 10, 2009

December - O2 Fitness Personal Trainer of the Month

Every month, I am going to choose a personal trainer at O2 Fitness who I feel portrays and defines the exact image of what a successful personal trainer truly means. When I say successful, I don't mean the trainer who sells the most personal training or the trainer who has the most clients in their schedule books. The success I'm talking about has to do with character, professionalism and how they carry themselves overall.

At O2 Fitness, all of our personal trainers are educated and have extensive education to prove why their experience has been nothing but successful. Many lucky clients have had life altering changes with our trainers leading behind the wheel. So much weight has been lost in the walls of this club, you could practically call this a professionally glorified chop house. As sick as that may sound, it is beyond satisfying to hear so many success stories that I could create a blog of its own and easily have a post for every single day of the year.

Besides picking the hundreds of clients who deserve more than just recognition for their hard work, we will chose a personal trainer who is in charge of leading those clients to a new and healthy lifestyle. Picking a specific trainer is hard enough because I am so blessed to have every single one of them on my team. The personal trainers are one of the main reasons why people think of O2 Fitness when they think of personal training in Wilmington, NC.

Without a doubt, the personal trainer of the month at O2 Fitness is Jamie Baxendell. Jamie is originally from upstate Pennsylvania, but moved to Wilmington just over three years ago where she jumped right in to personal training at O2 Fitness.

Jamie is certified through two of the most prestigious certifications available:

National Academy of Spots Medicine (NASM)

The National Strength and Conditioning Association (NSCA-CPT)

Jamie earned her degree through a physical fitness specialist program where day in and day out she studied and learned how to be the best trainer for her clients. Jamie specializes in functional training with clients of all ages from childhood to elderly adults. She also enjoys working with clients who are pre and postnatal.

Jamie’s philosophy is to enrich people’s lives through health and fitness. She accomplishes this by customizing an individualizing programs that fit her client's needs and wants to get them the most out of their workouts, each and every time they train.

Susie Smith is one of Jamie's clients here at O2 Fitness who has experienced the amazing professionalism that Jamie carries in the club. Susie has lost nearly 50 pounds under Jamie's supervision and is currently stronger than she has ever been in her life.

Another client of Jamie's who has seen incredible results is George Popa John. George was at a high risk with cholesterol and his blood pressure. We are pleased to say that George has lowered his cholesterol and his blood pressure is down to a very healthy level now.

Way to go both Susie and George for you hard work and dedication. We are excited about your progressive journey through the O2 Fitness Personal Training program. You are family to us and we look forward to seeing more results come as your new goals are set to be met.

Jamie, keep up the hard work and know that you are a highly respected trainer for a reason. We are blessed to have you a part of our team and we see continued success in your future. I am proud to share your name with members who ask about personal training because you deliver the results every single time. Great job!

If you are interested in signing up for a Free fitness assessment with Jamie to see how she can completely change your life through reaching your fitness goals, contact me below ASAP and catch Jamie before the new years rush fills up her appointment book.

Wishing you all a wonderful day and Happy Training!

Adam Freeman
Fitness Director & Personal Trainer

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