Thursday, December 17, 2009

Getting Ready for the New Year

New Years Resolutions! Many people have them. Many people fail them!

It is evident in the gym on January 1st that people want to start the new year off on the right foot. People become motivated and they set goals according to their underlying motivation. People are motivated to lose weight in order to fit in old outfits they used to fit in so easily. It is heartbreaking when you see the amount depression going on when one person places a significant amount of stress on their bodies. Stress alone is keep that weight on their bodies.

When the new year hits, the gym is full and busy from sun up to sun down. People are sporting their new fitness clothes, new shoes while rocking out to their new I-pods they just got for Christmas. You can feel the motivation and excitement going on that it just wreaks failure in every trainer's mind. Failure? Did I just say failure? YES!

Unfortunately, 75% of those motivated individuals will lose their motivation and return to the comfortable lifestyle they once lived just a few weeks prior. Why??? All those motivated souls who would spell out a heartbreaking story about how their doctor said their health is deteriorating and if they don't start working out, their life expectancy is diminishing by the day.

What if everyone were able to follow through with their goals, follow through with their New Year's resolution and reach the results they so desperately set out to achieve?

You can do this! You can make it happen! You can achieve greatness! But how??? You say you set goals, but did you set them appropriately? Probably not! Most people these days fail at reaching their goals because they left out a few basic, but major steps in setting goals according to their plan. Look, you already have your motivation and you already have your goals in mind, so why is it so hard to reach them? Well, I guess I wouldn't be a nice guy if I built it up and didn't tell you, so I guess I will not only tell you but share the steps it takes to reach your goals 100% of the time.

Write your 12 week (90 day) most important goal down in "affirmation" form on an index card so you can have it handy wherever you go. Write an achievement, not something you want to avoid. (How lean you want to become, not how much fat you want to get rid of)

[ex. By December 3rd, 2010: I am so happy and thankful now that I am wearing a size 5, my stomach is flat and feels hard. My pants fit perfectly on my waistline. I can see my abs and other people are noticing it too. People are commenting on my appearance and it makes me feel so good. I feel like an achiever.]

When you read this goal card, you notice that you can practically paint an image of this client. That is the whole purpose of writing your goal down and keeping it with you at all times. You need to train your subconscious mind in order for your goals to be met 100%. The subconscious mind accepts commands most easily when they are given in the present tense, personal, positive format and when they are read and visualized repeatedly, with faith, emotion, gratitude and an already having received attitude. The best time to read your card is when you are in a state of relaxation or just about to shut off the lights at bedtime.

Think about this. Name the first Cola/Soft drink that comes to mind? See, without hesitation you said Coke or Pepsi because the company has done their job. They have embedded so much advertisement in your brain that out of all the soft drinks in the world, those were to first two you thought of. In advertising lingo it is called "Share of Mind" which both Coke and Pepsi were awarded top of the class. Think about it if you were to put your goals in front of your brain all day every day. What do you think would happen?

After while, you are going to get to the point to where you put your hand in your pocket and think of your goals and that image you have in your brain without even pulling the card out to read it. You will be so focused on your goal and while taking action, you will reach those goals much faster than you expected. If you aim at nothing, you will hit it every time.

Happy Training!

Adam Freeman
Fitness Director/Personal Trainer
O2 Fitness Clubs - Wilmington, NC

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