Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Food Tips for the Holidays

When ever the holidays come around, people are excited to share time with family and friends. People are de-stressed as they get a break from their hard work, some fly in from different states, others may be excited to see family they may only see once a year, some newly formed relationships are introduced and to their hopeful future families, gifts are prepared in beautiful wrappings, and the true meaning of the holidays is revealed.

We all know too well that when you get a lot of people together in one household for any type of event or holiday, there is no doubt that every household will linger the smell of mouth watering, belly growling, taste bud craving, heart sinking, button undoing, nap inducing.... food that just screams excitement. It is the time of year where all bets are off and our fitness goals are no longer in the front of our minds.

If I were to finish my description of all that food where I left off with the (...), it would continue as this: ...nap awakening, belly aching, stress enhancing, guilt increasing, bathroom anticipating, constipation happening, hernia preventing, calorie absorbing, cell building, body fat % increasing, weight gaining, pant size replacing, depression facing, stress heightening, self esteem decreasing, exercise needing individual who could have made a world of difference if they just read this article before they stuck their fork in the pie!

Tip #1: The biggest problem most people have is eating in moderation. Your stomach is only so big, so when you stretch it out every time you stuff it, it grows and grows and grows. The bigger it grows, the more you have to eat to feel full. After eating until you are full each and every time, the consumption of food becomes a lot more and that means more calories are being absorbed in all the wrong places. Eat less/smaller portions throughout the day and it will cause your stomach to reduce in size, making it easier to get full quicker. Not to mention, you are keeping your metabolism going by eating more, smaller portions through out the day.

Tip #2: A great way to eat in moderation for the holidays is to eat half of your normal, pile slabbing serving and save the rest for three hours later. You will be able to enjoy two or even three great holiday meals in one day. Plus, you won't have to worry about feeling stuffed because you didn't force it all in and feel depressed because you didn't get to save room for that favorite food you had been anticipated devouring all year long. You could very well take a run in between all three meals and burn off those unwanted calories, making your holiday season a self esteem enhancing time of the year.

Tip #3: I know! It is so hard to eat in moderation if you have a hundred different types of food on the table. Even if you took one small scoop of everything, you would pack in several thousand calories. The trick is to just not eat the basic servings you know all too well. For instance, if I have the choice of five different foods. Say...Honey Baked Ham, Turkey, Mashed Potatoes, Corn, and Pumpkin Bread. How many times a month do you see corn or mashed potatoes in the same dinner meal? If your like my family, you will actually see them mixed together very often. Did you anticipate this holiday feasting season just to eat some corn and mashed potatoes? Probably not, so don't eat it and save your calories for something better like that kick butt, secret recipe making, green bean casserole you only get to have once in a blue moon.

I know we are not all perfect with our nutrition through the holidays and honestly, you don't have to be. If you make small adjustments, still enjoy the same food and not feel so negative afterward or have to make up for so much damage, then you are starting your new year off on the right foot.

Everyone here at O2 Fitness would like wish you all a Happy Holidays and be safe as you travel.

Warm Wishes!!!

Adam Freeman
Fitness Director & Personal Trainer
O2Fitness - Wilmington

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Sandy at God Speaks Today said...

Great tips! I especially like the last one. I'm notorious for grabbing the brown and serve roll and then going, "what the heck am I doing?"



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