Saturday, March 20, 2010

Another GREAT Book - "Pure Physique" 2nd Edition

Here is another great book that I just finished reading. It is called "Pure Physique" and it is Michael Lipowski's second edition on how to maximize fat loss and muscle development.

As a trainer who has trained hundreds of clients over the years, I am going to be completely honest with you. This book is phenomenal f you are getting in to fitness for the first time or if you have been in the fitness field for ever. I learned so much through this book, it blew my mind. I realized that some of the tactics I have learned over the years have limited my clients from gaining the maximum results possible. The more and more I educate myself, the better I am and the most results I produce.

By learning some of the tactics in this book, it has caused me to switch up some of my client's routines to produce a more effective way to reduce body fat in record time. It breaks it down to even the gritty details on how fast or slow you need to be performing a repetition with your exercises and why it is important to incorporate more muscles to gain the slightest edge on your muscle growth and fat loss.

I even worked with Bo Dean yesterday morning and practiced a couple variations to see how his body would react and the results were unbelievable. I changed one small detail in Bo's intensity and even though he was performing a familiar exercise, his muscles fatigued ten times quicker. Many times it is not what you do, it's how you do it and this book has all the secrets.

GO GET THIS BOOK ASAP because it can certainly make you understand what you may be doing wrong in your exercise that could be limiting your results. Michael Lipowski practices what he preaches and by taking his clients from point A to point B in half the time an average trainer will take you. That's right! This book will not only help you gain amazing results, but save you so much time by exercising in half the time you normally would take.


Pure Physique is for anyone who ever felt they should be getting more from their efforts in and out of the gym. This book will teach you how to put together an exercise and nutrition program that is truly tailor-fitted to meet your individual needs and goals. Unlike other books that provide fad diets and ‘canned’ workout routines, Pure Physique was designed with the individual in mind. With this book, you will finally be able obtain the leaner, more muscular body you’ve always wanted.

About The Author

Michael Lipowski is a certified fitness clinician and the President of the International Association of Resistance Trainers. He is a competitive natural Bodybuilder in the INBF, a consultant to other drug-free body builders, and was the personal trainer for the winner of the 2009 Men’s Fitness Fit-to-Fat competition. Michael is a writer for Natural Bodybuilding & Fitness and has written for a number of other health and fitness publications worldwide.

Happy Training,

Adam Freeman
Fitness Director/Personal Trainer
O2 Fitness Clubs

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