Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Protecting Our Country

Another day had past and a new one began, but it wasn't an ordinary day filled with clients and meeting with new members. It was a day that filled my heart with pride and joy for our nation and the people who serve our country well. I didn't meet with just any member, I met with Andy.

Andy just spent most of his last six years in the military, fighting for our country in the front lines of this unfortunate war we have been battling in Iraq. Andy was part of the infantry team and served in the two trips to the hot sandy country side of our enemy. He poured his sweat, blood and tears out for this country and it is time that I pour out mine for this young man.

Andy, who spent the better part of 7 years in the military, fighting for this nation and protecting us from our freedom. He has a family here in the US where he supports and protects them just as he supports and protects our lives from the trouble brewing on the outside.

With his background in combat and training others in combat, he recently was given an opportunity to go back to Iraq for a security position to once again protect our nation and protect his family. It is a high paying job that comes with a high level of requirements. It is no easy task and one that comes with a lot of risks.

After getting out of the military, Andy let his health slip a little under the radar where he gained nearly 70 pounds of body fat and his conditioning simply slipped into hibernation. His current weight is 266 pounds and his body fat is currently 31.1%. To meet the requirements of this position, his weight must be 204 pounds or his body fat must be at 24%. Doesn't seem so hard does it?? What if I told you he must do it in 20 days?

It seems to be the impossible and our job here at O2 Fitness is to make it possible. I have designed a systematic approach to shed off the body fat and allow him to meet his goal in what seems to be a record time. It is not going to be easy...for him that is.

Andy is on board and not only am I going to help Andy, but Kris McAlinn is going to help me train him. Kris is a nationally certified personal trainer through NASM (National Academy of Sport Medicine) and a certified instructor of Les Mills Group Exercise Classes. Kris is a phenomenal trainer here at O2 Fitness and one of the best Les Mills instructors I have ever seen. He's actually so good at what he does, he teaches and certifies instructors nationally for Les Mills. Talk about a stand up guy, I look up to Kris for all of the great attributes he brings to fitness. He is so motivated and brings energy and excitement like nobody I have ever met. I wouldn't be able to accomplish this task without his help.

Kris and I are taking this challenge for one purpose, and that is to help Andy so he can continue protecting our great country. Andy has a family and by continuing to support and protect his family, he is putting his life on the line to protect us too. His strengths in the field of security are what motivates us to help this brave young man do his job to protect the soldiers and give us our amazing freedom.

So, let's quit wasting time and get on with the show. Andy is training with Kris and I two times in a day. Kris will work him hard in the morning and he will see me later in the evening. We are stoked about this challenge, so we hope that you all are as well. Please give words of encouragement as Andy attempts the hard road ahead.

Wishing you all the best and Happy Training!

Adam Freeman
Fitness Director/Personal Trainer
O2 Fitness - Wilmington


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